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Our Hillsides Volunteer Network plans outings and activities throughout the year for the children in foster care who live at Hillsides, a 104-year-old foster care charity. We need your help to fund these events!

Many of the children at Hillsides have never enjoyed the simple pleasures of riding a bike, attending a carnival or swimming in a lake.  Please help the Hillsides Volunteer Network help them create memories that will offset the trauma and loss they have experienced in their lives.  

Here are some of the upcoming events we need help  funding:

June:  Summer Carnival Event on Campus

This annual summer carnival celebrates the end of the school year.  The children get their faces painted, play classic games, earn tickets, and collect prizes. Laser tag is usually the fan favorite!  The total cost of the carnival is $1,500. 

July: Cool Summer Event at Bonelli Park

Every year, HVN sponsors a water event and lunch for the kids to keep cool during the summer.  The total cost of the event is $300.

September: Day of Beauty Event on Campus

On this day, we celebrate the kids' inner and outer beauty. Cosmetologists volunteer their time to style hair, give facials, offer massages, and give manicures. Photographers are on the scene to take a keepsake photo. The day ends with a goody bag filled with beauty samples.  The total cost of the event is $750. 

Throughout the year, we also provide:

School pictures for the 85 children at the Hillsides Education Center.  The total cost of pictures is $1,500.

 An art endowment.  Every year we sponsor the Art Program at Hillsides. $2000 covers art supplies, and a playwright  workshop.

 Bikes for the children.  Each year we donate sturdy bikes for the children to ride around on campus.  We are hoping to donate four bikes this year.  Each bike costs $250. 

We are grateful for any amount you are able to donate – every bit helps!  We are also looking for volunteers to participate in the events with the children.  If you are interested in donating your time, please contact Hillsides Community Resources Director Laura Kelso at 

Together, we can create fun and memorable activities that will bring joy to these children’s lives!




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